Friday, 3 October 2008

Take a drink

I see that Parliament yesterday voted against the Scottish Government's proposals to raise the age at which alcohol can be purchased from off-licences to 21.

The plans were slammed across the spectrum in Scottish society, with all of the opposition parties plus the Scottish Licenced Trade Association, National Union of Students and even the SNP's own youth wing, the Federation of Student Nationalists all presenting opposition.

I guess I'm a bit split on it. I recognise the need for something to be done about the drink culture which stains Scottish society. I'm not convinced these plans were the way to do so - but I do think that the Scottish Government's proposals have provided a way to open the debate, and to explore possible solutions. Also, as a tea-totaller, I can take the high ground on this a bit!

I knocked the Parliament a few weeks ago after the debacle over Wendy's suspension. But yesterday showed how Parliament is supposed to work - or at least, how minority government works. If your plans are popular and you can find support in the chamber, you can pass them. If you can't, they'll fall.

Democracy. A fine thing... when it works.


McChatterer 3 October 2008 at 13:45  

>>as a tea-totaller,
Mmm. Tea.

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