Saturday, 11 October 2008

Norwegian Wood

Hoping not to see a similar image later on.

I'm heading through to Glenrothes later today. Before anyone gets too concerned that I'm off on the campaign trail, I should point out that I'm off to a wedding - and no, we won't be throwing election-leaflet confetti. You should have seen the look I got when it was "suggested" that if we went early enough we could do some leafletting first!

Anyway, I'm at that age where all my friends/ girlfriend's friends seem to be getting engaged or married (but thankfully not having kids yet!) as this is our third wedding this year - and we already 3 for next year. And no... not one of them is mine.

I'll have to have words with the groom today about organising his wedding on the same day as a World Cup Qualifier though. Mind you, cermony starts at two, kick off is three... I guess if I make that suggestion to someone close to me I might not have to worry about having a similar day in the future!

Have to say, he's probably doing me a favour though. Norway are no mugs, and after our defeat in Macedonia followed by a less than stellar performance against Iceland - a country we're apparently soon to be at war with - I'd say things aren't looking too good for 3 points this afternoon. I better say something positive or I'll be charged with being a pessimist again...

Nah, can't think of anything. Unless we get three points today, we can kiss goodbye to qualifying. And I think we'll have to be pretty good to do that - something we haven't looked like being since a glorious night in Paris.

I better enjoy the wedding.


Holyrood Patter 11 October 2008 at 13:12  

A very less than stellar performance. In fact the mystery chap who used to write the walk 500 miles blog said to me the day after the Northern Ireland game: Burley Must go! I laughed at the time, but if we lose today I wont be

Sam 12 October 2008 at 00:13  

As you weren't able to catch the game itself, I thought I would bring you the main highlights.

Sorry mate. But if you need cheering up this might help.

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