Monday, 6 October 2008

Labour MP in understanding devolution shocker

Doing a little bit of research (yes, occasionally us tax-dodging students do) I came across the above book, co-authored by my local MP, Labour's Mark Lazarowicz.

I haven't had an opportunity to read it in detail, but, by all accounts, it is a fairly decent read and account of what the Scottish Parliament was set up to do... and how it works.

Two things I learned from it.

One: that Mark Lazarowicz knows how the Scottish Parliament works. This is something he may wish to share with his Labour colleagues who work there.

Two: that Mark Lazarowicz is very much in favour of the Scottish Parliament. This is something that he may wish to share with his Scottish Labour colleagues at Westminster.

One suspects that if he does not pass on this information, then the number of colleagues he has at each institution may decrease somewhat come the next elections...


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