Thursday, 30 October 2008

Chick kicked by MSP

I wasn't going to blog on this, but I thought it too... bizarrely funny not to.

Apparently BBC football analyst, the "unbiased" Chick Young got a bit of a kicking from a Labour MSP at an MSP-journalists football match on Sunday. The story made
quite a splash in the papers yesterday.

According to my good friend Scottish Tory Boy, who was on the scene (and fairly close to the action - well, as close as his footballing ability allows...) the incident may have been blown out of proportion somewhat.

However, it does make you wonder slightly. Politicians are often the first to speak out against "brawls" on the field when top-flight sides are involved. And now this.

To be honest, kinda puts the whole
Russell Brand-Jonathan Ross hoopla into perspective.


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