Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Conservatives conquer Canada again

I see that Canada has
re-elected Stephen Harper's Conservative party for another term of minority government. The Conservatives fell short of the 155 seats required for Harper's coveted majority - indeed, one of the main reasons he went to the polls was to secure such a win.

The full result (+/- from 2006 election):

Conservative - 143 (+19)
Liberal - 76 (-27)
Bloc Québécois - 50 (-1)

New Democrat - 37 (+8)

Green - 0 (N/C)

Others - 2 (+1)

Several questions I have - perhaps for people more knowledgeable about Canadian politics than me.

How much of this result was based upon the economic turmoil which currently exists and how much of it was about supporting the Conservative party for their values/ policies?

Can we draw anything from the result for the upcoming US Presidential election and any
potential election here?

Answers to the second on a postcard to a Mr G. Brown, formerly of Kirkcaldy, now in London, who is eager to here some suggestions...


Jen 15 October 2008 at 12:42  

'conquer' might be a bit strong, no?

i'd say the conservatives won less because of policies and more because the liberals have been really weak. it was really just more of the same. oh least its a minority.

two major contributors though - harper lowered government tax by 2% across the board and liberals had a green tax policy that was unpopular in the eastern provinces...(oh the smallness of my country and its politics) x

Malc 15 October 2008 at 12:59  

Conquer was just for alliteration... really I should have said "kinda win Canadian election but still don't have a majority mandate..." or something.

And (with my minimal knowledge of Canadian politics) I'd be tempted to agree on the weakness of the Liberals - especially Stephane Dion (who's a bit like Celine Dion...).

Jen 15 October 2008 at 18:37  

no way, celine would totally kick his wouldn't be pretty!!

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