Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Did Georgia commit war crimes?

I read with interest
this piece on the BBC website about the Georgia-Russia conflict earlier this year.

According to the BBC, Georgia "used indiscriminate force and may have targeted civilians."

I'm not going to come across in full condemn-mode because I appreciate that there are difficulties and decisions in combat that we, as civilians, do not come across in every day life. The use of particular force and the targeting of civilians, while shocking and altogether unpleasant, is something which we can not comprehend nor would we want to. War is an ugly beast.

I will say this though. If the BBC's claims are indeed founded in irrefutable evidence, would this alter the Foreign Secretary's view of the conflict? Presumably he'd still think Russia the aggressor and in the wrong - but this evidence, if it is such, would suggest that Georgia is no saint in the conflict either, and perhaps our backing, and that of the EU, should be re-evaluated.


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