Thursday, 9 October 2008

Harvie's havers... part II

What links Lockerbie and Carlisle with Blue Peter and Adolf Hitler?

Yes, you've guessed it...

Professor Chris Harvie MSP.
No, not a professor of foot in mouth studies, as one might think, but of history, apparently.

I wonder if there are those in the Scottish Parliament that think of Prof Harvie as a historical relic, from a time far preceding our own. He certainly dresses like it on occasion.

I also wonder if there have been moves to suggest to the "good" professor that he may wish to cut short his parliamentary career to write another book.

For information, his replacement as an MSP - should he decide to call it a day - would be a lawyer called Roderick Campbell, a previous SNP candidate in Fife North East (2007), North East Fife (2005) and Roxburgh & Berwickshire (2003).


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